How About Them, Apple?

The fruit is not without blemish.

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Apple iMac (Late 2009) Issues

Yes, I already mentioned the problems with the new iMacs a few days ago, but I thought I should alert you to a website that has been built in honor of the damaged screens and yellow tinted displays.

Apple has also apologized for not taking timely action with these issues (shipments are late), and is currently working on rectifying the situation.

Here’s to hoping they don’t try to shut some people up like in the past.

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Consumers Reporting iMac Display Problems On The Increase - Hardware - IT Channel News by CRN

The new HUGE (27 inch) iMac computers seem to be having some troubles with displays that flicker and produce a slight yellow tinge. If you’ve gotten one of the newer models recently, you may want to get it checked out before the problems get just as bad for you.

Seems to me that these gianormous monitors might not be so awesome after all.

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Apple voids warranties over cigarette smoke, users say • The Register

Apparently, Apple has a tendency to discriminate against smokers who use their product. According to this story, if you are a smoker, and a Mac owner, you can kiss your warranty repairs good bye.

Well, in a few cases at any rate. Certainly this doesn’t happen every day, but it’s a bit disconcerting to find that it has happened at all.

I wonder what would happen if other companies took up the same practice.

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With Google's New Phone, the Apple Movie Plays Out Again - The Conversation - Harvard Business Review

The Harvard Business Review goes into some detail as to why Apple may fall on it’s face again as Google strike’s at the companies Achilles Heel.

In the past we’ve seen Apple rise triumphantly against other companies as a pioneer in computer systems, and then fall quite epically to no-name status. Today we see them rising again to be the best-of-the-best in mobile device computing….

And yet here is HBR saying that they’re about to fall once again. I wonder what will happen in coming months to our beloved fruit.

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Apple Sucks! | Pursuing Success

Giorgio Marrale seems to be having some trouble with a majority of his Apple products (Time Capsule and 13” Macbook). It’s a strange coincidence indeed when most of the ‘elite’ products that you’ve bought from a company end up dieing within a couple of years of their first use.

He has an interesting quote at the end as well, saying:

' Many Apple owners I happen to know have one thing in common, they don’t dare to admit that Apple sucks, because to them there are no alternatives.'
What a sad thing to admit. Thanks for taking a stang and saying something, Giorgio.

Read his story here.

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